One of the reasons I’ve been so distracted lately is because of a package I got in the mail the other day. I actually wasn’t expecting either for at least another week and a half, so it was a surprise for me too. 

I’ve been wanting one of the One Piece model ships for quite a while now. Originally, I was going to get the Going Merry. I think it’s cuter than the Thousand Sunny and I like the character’s outfits better than the 2 year time skip. However, I own a little lego-ish version of the Thousand Sunny, so I thought it’d be better to get something that matched. That and I wanted something more complex. That was a huge mistake. I under-estimated how TINY the pieces were going to be and the level of details that go into it. I wasn’t expecting as much as I got, so I definitely bit off more than I could chew.

One of my friends suggested that an air brush could make it look super professional, since you can’t get flat coats of paint with a brush, but I don’t think I’m ready to commit that much money into this, since a decent air brush (with a compressor) costs quite a bit. Maybe someday. For now, I’m just going to deal with what I have (I’m already painting with “normal” acrylic paints and brushes) and a whole lot of patience. 

The brush strokes are driving me insane. I really wish I could prime it, but I’m afraid of losing details. 

This is the base I painted. It’s not perfect, because my lines aren’t straight, but I think it looks alright. As long as the paint doesn’t peel off or something, I think I may do alright with the rest of the ship. I’ll just have to make it and never touch it again. 

- Becky

Some of my palettes. I actually think I have one more somewhere else, but I’m not entirely sure. 

The one on the left is the one I use the most often. It’s what I carried to school because it’s the sturdiest. It’s supposedly bullet proof, but I’m not eager to see if that’s true, because it also said it was okay to use acrylic paint on, but the acrylic never came off (as you can see). 

The one on the right is what I usually use at home. I prefer metal over the plastic one because it doesn’t stain as easily (if at all). It’s also what I’m used of. It’s not very good to travel around with though because the metal gets dings and dents sometimes. 

The one on the bottom is probably my favorite. It also has no paint inside it because I think it’s too pretty to use (haha). I’ll use it eventually, most likely when I have to replace the black metal one on the right, but that’s gonna take years (especially since I try to take really good care of my palettes). The last time I replaced a metal one took over a decade, so I guess I’ll use the white one in maybe 8 years or so (or never). Until then, it’ll just stay inside its nice little box. 

I keep my watercolor palettes pretty clean. It drives me insane when it’s not. One of my professors used to make fun of me for it (mostly because I’m totally messy with everything else). 

Things have been hectic, so I haven’t posted in a few days. OH THE SHAME. 

I’ll post something up tonight. I’m not sure if it’ll be a drawing or something completely random. 

I actually don’t have the desk space to draw anything right now. If I can manage to reorganize, I’ll try to paint something interesting. I do have a sketchbook of random things I drew over the course of a few days, but they’re nothing more than a bunch of ugly sketches (hahaha)

- Becky

My head was hurting and my hands were shaking so I assumed it was because I hadn’t really eaten all day. It didn’t help. I think it’s because of the caffeine from the coffee I had earlier. My caffeine tolerance has been deteriorating because I no longer drink caffeinated drinks 24/7. I guess it’s a good thing, but I think I prefer me with my caffeine addiction.

I recently bought a new Copic marker and refill ink. I don’t normally use markers because it’s not really my thing, but when I do, Copics all the way.

I do however use Copic Multiliners. I love them to death. Microns aren’t nearly as smooth, and I’ve used several other brands, but never really liked them as much.

This is however, my first brown ink multiliner. I usually just use black. I go through them really quickly. I’ve used the refillable metal multiliners before too, but maybe because it’s a slight bit heavier, I feel like the tips get ruined much more quickly, so I opt for the cheap plastic ones instead. 

I actually bought the refillable ink to fill up the plastic multiliner. The marker I purchased with it was just a bonus for me, in case I ever needed thick lines or whatever. Basically, I’ll never use it. At first, I thought it was a really good thing I got the refill because when I took apart the plastic multiliner and looked inside, I noticed it was nearly dry. I bought the last one in the store, and although it seemed okay, I realized it wasn’t when I started using it. Anyway, I filled it up with ink, and presto, it was great. The ink was a bit darker, and it gave my pen a thicker line, but I was okay with it. 
HOWEVER, I didn’t notice a problem till a day or two later. I don’t think that the inks mix well, because my multiliner’s been getting lighter and lighter. You can tell the difference between the two with the drawings above. The multiliner I drew the first day I refilled it, and the marker and refill, I drew today. I mean, I can still deal with it, but next time, I’ll just fill up an empty pen with a new nib or something. 


- Becky

I’m a pretty big fan of one piece. I think the art’s really cute and creative. 

My Chopper plush has gotten a little dirty. I don’t know how to go about cleaning it. 

I’ll probably just spot clean it with a toothbrush or something. It’s super cute though.

- Becky

side note - I wonder if I should start watermarking everything. It’s against my aesthetic, but it seems stupid not to.



Just a little bit on what I’m currently working on. I used the vertical layout without really thinking about how it would look at the end. Hopefully it turns out all right. The drawing on the right might have to be redone completely though. I’m definitely not satisfied with how the arms turned out. This is the reason why I hate inking sometimes. I screw up the most when I ink. Watercolor’s my favorite, but I also don’t really like to paint without having my lines there. Maybe it’s just an extra security I need. I guess I’m not pro enough to just freehand things, even when I already know what it’s supposed to look like, because in the end, even I don’t know how it’ll turn out. 

I feel like I should be posting onto a blogspot or something, but I really don’t enjoy using blogspot very much. Maybe someday…

Speaking of which, I really should update my website… coding’s just not one of my favorite things to do. I’ll get there eventually. For now, tumblr and cargocollective and etsy are the most convenient.

That being said, I think my queue is empty, which means I need to draw more.

It’s been kind of hot lately. It makes me crave sweet drinks, but I crave a lot of different kinds and I’m far too lazy to actually get the stuff to make it. I just bookmark a lot of different recipes and never look at them again.

I do the same thing with baked goods. Definitely way too lazy to make anything fancy. Maybe that’s why I keep making pancakes.

I’ve been mildly obsessed with pancakes lately. Waffles too, but I don’t have a waffle maker, so I’m stuck with the store bought kind. 

I made green tea pancakes the other day and it was surprisingly better than I expected. I only say that because I tossed in the green tea last minute.

I’ve been getting into grape jelly a lot too. 


I used to be more of a strawberry girl, but I think grape is nice too.

- Becky

I was debating whether or not I wanted to create a sequel to this book. I did make one that was related, but I wasn’t as satisfied with it. I seem to have better ideas when it’s a spur of the moment kind of thing. 

That being said, I have a new story for my dragon. 

Stay tuned… because I literally just thought of this, so it’s gonna take me a while to finish it, but I’ll post up my progress.